Le Hong Phong Primary School

Le Hong Phong Primary School

    The other sanitation facilities The Sharing Kitchen cooperated with Tien Phuoc Foundation to build are at Le Hong Phong Primary School, Cu K’Bang Commune, Ea Sup District, Dak Lak Province.

    The other sanitation facility The Sharing Kitchen cooperated with is Tien Phuoc Foundation to build at Le Hong Phong Primary School, Cu K’Bang Commune, Ea Sup District, Dak Lak Province.


    Before the construction has started, the sanitation was in poor condition, it also did not meet the requirements for 767 students and more than 20 teachers. Based on construction drawings, the building cost was estimated 200 million VND (approx 8,800 USD), which included water supply system, toilets and washbasins. The Sharing Kitchen hoped to receive more supports from donors to make the sanitation system full-equipped when a new school year started.



    In the frontier commune – Cu K’Bang, Ea Sup District, Dak Lak Province, which locates 90 kilometers north-west of Buon Me Thuot, thousands of H’Mong children were living with nearby dilapidated toilets built in the most barren field in Viet Nam. There are no irrigation systems which connect water for agricultural production. Therefore, every year farmers just have one harvest and their lives have been quite difficult.  


    In the dry season, the children’s water usage entirely depend on the man-made well, which is belong to headmistress's house. Because of their living habits and customs, they were lack of knowledge, understanding and attention of untreated water.  





    Bursting with happiness in early 2016, when their photos were posted, donors had made a contribution and helped schools to construct the water supply system which were available for entire villages. But we didn’t feel completely happy because we knew that these growing children were using the poor-condition toilets in the fields, without any water system or cesspit.

    The only public toilets for this village, which were at Le Hong Phong Primary School, were in seriously dilapidated condition and unusable. The Sharing Kitchen with Cu K’Bang villagers were hoping to receive as much support as possible from donors and supporters in order to put up a sanitation system with basic facilities, which will children’s minimum daily requirements, prevent contagious diseases, change their living habits, ensure their good health and encourage them to study in good conditions.


    This was our first project that combined the art designs into it. We hoped to attract the kids attention, also make them feel joyful and to keep maintaining the “art” when using the new facility. The drawing showed the goodwill and togetherness of students no matter how different they are, regardless of genders and backgrounds.








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