Gathering Wedding

Gathering Wedding

    With the consent of Soeur and grandmothers in Thien An nursing home shelter...

    With the consent of Soeur and grandmothers in Thien An nursing home shelter, The Sharing Kitchen, in cooperation with LAMTOM Foto, implemented a photoshoot named “Gathering wedding” for grandmothers here on the occasion of Tet.


    We have patronized and supported Thien An nursing home shelter since our we first started operating. We realized that there is not many people who know about this place and these single women need more hope from society.


    This photoshoot is based on a grandmothers’ desire to become a Mom once in life, to arrange and prepare for their children a perfect wedding. From that idea, with limited understanding, The Sharing Kitchen tried to represent a wedding in the 80’s in order to bring meaningful joy to them.

    Fortunately, we received positive feedback from media. 30 online articles, appeared 5 times on TV programmes with twice on national TV programmes.


    Afterwards, we raised enough medical care, disposable diapers and daily goods for them. However, the most important thing is that Thien An nursing home shelter is now well-known by more charity groups and donors as a result of this photoshoot (CLICK HERE)  


    This photoshoot is a message from The Sharing Kitchen to everyone that Thien An nursing home shelter, which is not very far away is still in need of medical equipment and grandmothers here need attention and help to alleviate the loneliness of their final days. These women make cotton swabs, peel garlic everyday in order to send a little amount of money to Soeur to buy rice, instant noodle for poorer areas.