The Sharing Kitchens 6th Birthday

The Sharing Kitchens 6th Birthday

    On the sixth birthday of The Sharing Kitchen

    On the sixth birthday of The Sharing Kitchen, we were honored to share this important milestones with the lovely kids at La Vang Orphanage. Over the past six years, we have raised more than 2 billion VND (90,000$ US approximately) for mental and physical health activities for both children and old people in shelters as well as the sanitation and clean water programs in remote areas In the coming time, surely with love and passions from our members, donors, there would definitely be ambitious to develop and achieve more impressive achievements.

    We hope to grow with greater achievements, sustainable development and have more contributions to our society.

    Thank you for joining us along the time, thanks to all our beloved volunteers who have been working hard for our activities. It’s been 6 years and we will never stop.

    Lots of Love.