It started at around 5:30 am in the small apartment in District 12

    It started at around 5:30 am in the small apartment in District 12 where his family lives. Khuong prepared something for the spring-roll from the previous night and waited for a team mate to pick him up. They’d go to the market for lots of food.

    They went along the National Road 1 to Thu Duc in the East of the city and stopped at a small market, quickly stocked up with rice noodles, lime, spices and vegetables. Meat and shrimps and others would be delivered directly to the kitchen of Nhat Hong school, our next stop.

    Nhat Hong school was not just a place for visual-impaired kids to study but also a house for disabled kids and some staffs many of whom are Christian Sisters. The Sister, or “Dì” (auntie) as called by the kids, who managed the kitchen just let him and the team in and do whatever needed to cook Thai hotpot. He told me the school had a very limited budget on daily meals, so his team wanted to serve them something better this weekend.

    It would take the whole morning for cooking, so I left the kitchen and started explore the school with my camera. Everyone in the school seemed kind and open to a talk. I got many satisfactory pictures of people here and even joined part of the ceremony in their church on the top floor. Later there was another ceremony in the school yard to award students with recognizable efforts in academy and Christian study.

    When the ceremony was over, the kids were excited with “li xi” (red envelope) from sponsors and the long-awaited lunch. They prayed and thanked God for meals. The cooking team enjoyed their ‘achievement’ a bit later on the side of the kitchen. Everybody had a happy Sunday morning.



    Photo & Script by Duong Rkudo