Water Filtration in Tan Chau School

Water Filtration in Tan Chau School

    In August 2016, The Sharing Kitchen had finished a project to supply a clean water system for Tan Chau 2 Primary School


    In August 2016, The Sharing Kitchen had finished a project to supply a clean water system to Tan Chau 2 Primary School in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. Previously, many families in the area were unable to afford the school fees, which was around 20 USD per year. These fees account for access to simple facilities such as clean drinking (previously bottled water) and the yearly sanitation collection charges. After our efforts with the new water purification system installed on campus, the fee per child had been reduced from 20 USD to 5 USD per year. Thus, making the fees manageable for all within the community and more importantly helping a child out of the coffee fields and get them into the classroom.


    You might ask why we chose this school? Well, 100% of the children enrolled were from one of the fifty-four ethnic groups found in Vietnam; the K'ho. Essentially, students dropping out of school was the biggest problem here. By the end of the school year, the number of students who leave school was extremely high. Mostly due to their hard-working parents were embarrassed that they cannot afford the school fees. The K’ho were not slackers by any means, they were proud and hardworking people who toil away every day in the coffee and tea fields of Lam Dong to make a living for their families.


    The basic water purification system was installed by The Sharing Kitchen which has immeasurably helped these children meet their fundamental daily hygiene requirements, and prevent contagious diseases from spreading in the community. As an addition, any extra water produced has given to the families in the community, many of whom do not have any clean water source or electricity. Even in this poor condition, it was the smile of the children, who with nothing, still manage to find happiness in smallest things. It was great to see these young people having the best chance and possibility of changing their lives and those of their families by education.





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