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About Us

Our mission

To offer meals to the elderly and children living in shelters, as well as the residents of the many nursing home, orphanage in HCMC.
To improve the quality of those meals.
To introduce orphanages and elderly centres to charitable organisations and donors.
To partner with TienPhuoc Foundation with the goal of bettering the community through improved personal hygiene and clean water for children in remote areas.


Care Program Objectives
To provide meals to those in need. We have provided over 2,000 nutritious meals per year to those in need.
To encourage local people to improve their personal hygiene by renovating existing sanitation facilities.

To provide water filtration to help children in remote areas reduce their annual course fee and offer scholarships to poor children.
To establish a small community of likeminded individuals to help and support each other.
To hold events and organise activities to raise awareness of community problems.

Problem Statement
A survey shows that 30% of schools in the provinces no dot have adequate sanitation, increasing to 88% in rural areas.
The quality of meals in orphanages are not nutritious enough for ensuring the healthy development of the children.
Lack of co-ordination linking non-profit organisations and donors to those in the community needing support.

The quality of water, especially groundwater status is contaminated with arsenic and heavy metals, which causes a very seriously emerging issue.

Major Achievements
The planned construction of sanitation facilities in:

- Noh Prong Ward, Krong Bong, Dak Lak which serves 320 teachers and pupils.

- Long Son A School, Soc Moi Ward, Cau Ngang District which serves 150 teachers and pupils.

- Thanh Thoi An Primary School (Day Huong 2), Day Huong 2, Thanh Thoi An, My Xuyen, Soc Trang Province which serves 130 teachers and pupils.

- Provide water filtration to Tan Chau II Primary, Hamlet 1, Tan Chau Ward, Di Linh district, Lam Dong Province which serves 330 teachers and pupils.